linden keyboard orchestra reloaded

linden keyboard orchestra reloaded

2016 [für 1 Performer*in, 2 Spielzeug-Keyboards, 1 MIDI – Keyboard und Live Elektronik]

Eine Komposition im Auftrag des non piano / toy piano weekend Hamburg.

…from the bottom of the heart of Lambada Avantgarde.

Ein Kommentar zur Aufführungspraxis Elektronischer Musik.  Ein Tribut der Klangästhetik der Spielzeug-Keyboards aus unseren 90er Jahre – Kinderzimmern. Lyrics inspiriert von einem 90er Jahre Sketch und einem Song einer berühmten deutschen Electronic Pop Formation. Gewidmet meinen lieben Freunden Kostia Rapoport und Alex Hofmann in Erinnerung an Hannover-Linden.

2016 [for 1 performer, 2 toy keyboards, 1 MIDI keyboard and live electronics]

The performance was premiered @ non piano / toy piano weekend in Hamburg, 2016.

This piece comes from the bottom of the heart of Lambada Avantgarde.

A comment on the performance practice of electronic music. A reflexion on a young avant garde movement in contemporary classical music with the irresistible urge for quoted pop music. A tribute to the sound aesthetics of toy keyboards from children’s rooms of the early 1990s. An extension of the sound wise typical low-tech environment of such instruments through real-time sound synthesis. Rhythmical patterns of synthetic low-tech percussion sounds as a counterpoint to atonal trash melodies.
Lyrics inspired by a German comedy sketch from 1991 and a song from 1974 by a famous German electronic pop music band.

The piece is dedicated to my dear colleagues and friends Kostia Rapoport and Alex Hofmann.