cosy new gastfeindlichkeit

cozy new gastfeindlichkeit

2016 [Fixed Media Kompsition]

Das Stück entstand im Rahmen der DEGEM – CD „escape“, welche bei der Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC) 2016 in Hamburg erstmals vorgestellt wurde.

Das Stück “cozy new gastfeindlichkeit“ besteht aus semantisch fragmentiertem Sprachmaterial aus Gesprächen mit Menschen, die eine escape-Geschichte erzählen. Zum Teil wird dieses Material klanglich so zersetzt und im Extrem zeitgestretcht, dass Melodien daraus entstehen.

2016 [fixed media piece]

The piece was released on the new CD of the Edition DEGEM, that focuses on the topic of „escape“. The CD was presented within the Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC) in Hamburg, 2016.

The piece “cozy new gastfeindlichkeit“ consists of semantically decomposed speech of people telling their stories of escape. Through different methods of sound modulation, the vocal material was changed into a sound wise abstract form. The complete sound material is extracted from vocal sounds. Displaced people tell the stories of their life before their escape, the stories of their escape and the stories of their arrival. But it’s quite obvious, that the stories don’t come to an end after the arrival.
Not only the emotionality of the escape resonates in their voices, but also the new experiences and impressions at the place of their arrival.