Julia Mihaly Unerhörte Musik BKA

[trigger me]

is a concert that consists of 100 % voice! In connection with live electronics the entire sound spectrum is based on the vocal output of one singer.

In terms of chamber musical interactions between the performer and the computer the voice turns into an interactive antagonist of itself, in real time recorded, modulated and transformed in multiple ways. [trigger me] includes on the one hand works of Julia Mihály herself and on the other hand pieces written by other composers specially for Julia Mihály’s voice. 
 Mihaly Nono Tosh Leykum
Various types of electronic devices become an essential part of the performance, such as tablets, gamepads, sensors and different kinds of MIDI controllers. [trigger me] scans vocal border areas at the edge of classical singing and extended vocal techniques.

[trigger me] features the following composers: Karlheinz Essl, Stefan Hakenberg, Ole Hübner, Felix Leuschner, Julia Mihály, Iris ter Schiphorst, Martin Schüttler

Julia Mihály triggerme


[trigger me] 1.0

22.02.2012: Hanover // masters concert @ Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hanover

[trigger me] 2.0

14.02.2014: Darmstadt //  Akademie für Tonkunst

18.02.2014: Frankfurt am Main // Instituto Cervantes FGNM

01.03.2014: Hamburg // Christianskirche FORUM NEUE MUSIK

[trigger me] 3.0

09.04.2014: München // Signalraum 

10.06.2014: Berlin // Unerhörte Musik @ BKA